- So, it's time to run down some of the interesting original content we posted on big sister site Gamasutra (and elsewhere on the CMP Game Group) this week. There's actually some neat stuff in here, I might claim, including that dastardly Dyack, producers weighing in on game violence, and Curt Schilling's MMO company explored - headlines and rundowns to follow:

- Engaging Audiences: Denis Dyack Deconstructs The Industry
"...this 'wide-ranging interview' with Silicon Knights' Dyack (Eternal Darkness, Too Human) includes a whole bunch of interesting points, and we split two of them out into individual news stories - Dyack: Game Industry Should Shun Movie Biz 'Free Agency'", and Dyack: Will Wii Hold Public's Attention In Long-Term?."

- Violence In Video Games: The Producer's View
"Video game violence is, as ever, a hot topic, and Gamasutra and GameProducer.net asked former Thrill Kill and current Sony producer Harvard Bonin, Bizarre Creations' Peter O’Brien, Stainless Games' Ben Gunstone, and Gas Powered Games' Frank Rogan to discuss legislation, responsibility, and mature games."

- Ensemble's Shelley Explains 'Design By Playing'
"Is the best way to 'sculpt' and refine a game design through constant playing? Ensemble Studios and Microprose veteran Bruce Shelley thinks so, and in a recent lecture, he explained how the Age Of Empires franchise evolved from an intensive playtesting regime."

- - Q&A: THX's Tuffy On God Of War II Audio, Neural THX Advances
"As console tech advances swiftly, HDTVs are joined by surround sound systems as important equipment for high-end gamers, and THX's Mark Tuffy talks to Gamasutra about the company's audio/video standards, its work on Warhawk and God Of War II and plans for 'a major publisher' to use its Neural THX tech next year."

- MIT/Stanford Event Reveals Dueling Brainwave Tech
"Last week, the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab presented a panel on 'The Post Wii World', and Gamasutra was there to see presentations from game tech companies including Emotiv and Emsense, both using brain activity as a game controller - and revealing an interesting fact about EEG activity in Gears Of War along the way."

- Q&A: Wendee Lee Talks Voice Acting In Games
"In this exclusive Q&A, Gamasutra spoke with prolific voice actress Wendee Lee (Soul Calibur II, Grandia III, EverQuest II) about the process and challenges of voice work in the game industry, the development of voice acting in games, and the epidemic of celebrity actors doing voices in video games to mixed results."

- Going Green With 38 Studios: RA Salvatore, Brett Close On The House Curt Schilling Built
Baseball legend and MMO fan Curt Schilling is behind the founding of Boston-based 38 "Studios, alongside Todd McFarlane and author R.A. Salvatore, and Gamasutra caught up with Salvatore and CEO Brett Close to discuss the company's 'broad media' aspirations and "standing on the shoulders" of World Of Warcraft."

- Avoiding The Crocodiles: Submission Pitfalls in Xbox 360 Certification
"Ever wanted to know what went into Xbox 360 game submission? At Microsoft's recent GameFest, the Quality Assurance and Certification track featured a presentation by Microsoft's Jay Blanton on guidelines and pitfalls in getting your game or game update officially approved."