- Something that's been keeping us all busy this week is our own Austin GDC show, of course, and as of yesterday morning, big sister site Gamasutra has debuted a dedicated landing page for Austin GDC 2007, with full coverage of keynotes, sessions, roundtables, and associated breaking news from the CMP Game Group's first Austin-based conference.

Various of our correspondents (including Brandon Sheffield, Brandon Boyer, and Christian Nutt) are marauding around Texas as we speak, chewing up the countryside and listening to the state of the online game universe - thus far, here are some of the original-reporting highlights from the conference:

- AGDC: The Warren Spector Interview
Disney and Warren Spector's recently acquired Junction Point studio a match made in cartoon heaven? Probably more than you might think, and in this exclusive interview, Deus Ex creator Spector tells Gamasutra all about his extensive history in the cartoon world, and hints on plans for the newly formed partnership.

- AGDC: BioWare's Walton On Making MMOs Post-World of Warcraft
Making an MMO in a post-World Of Warcraft world is tough, but BioWare Austin's Gordon Walton was inspired by the hugely successful game, presenting a twelve-point talk with lessons to learn in an engaging and popular GDC Austin speech.

- AGDC: Denis Dyack - 'The Media Is The Massage'
In his AGDC talk, Denis Dyack touched on Silicon Knights' methods for story, and warned that the media of games will often overpower the message you're trying to tell - he also dropped a few hints about Too Human along the way.

- AGDC: Raph Koster On Designing For Everywhere
Areae president Raph Koster, designer of Ultima Online and previous CCO of SOE, gave his talk at GDC Austin in front of a full-capacity crowd, all of whom were eager to catch a shred of what he’s been talking about for the last year or so: how the web is destroying games in terms of revenue and access.

- AGDC: Blizzard's Morhaime On Overcoming 'Myth' With WoW
Think every aspect of your game play has to be customized for regional players? Blizzard disagrees, citing the "myth of regional taste" and Gamasutra has president Mike Morhaime's full comments on the history of his company and his approach to World Of Warcraft from the Austin GDC keynote.

As well as that, the dedicated landing page for Austin GDC includes all the latest announcements and product news from the event - including a fun piece about Star Wars Galaxies' in-game house demolition helping charity donations to Habitat For Humanity.

[UPDATE: Oop, and one more - incidentally, watch out for an upcoming GSW piece about how I'm spending my millions (OK, a $10 Target gift card) in Habbo:

- AGDC: Haro On Making Habbo A Success
Sulka Haro's keynote speech on Web-based teen hangout Habbo Hotel, which kicked off the second day of the Austin Game Developers Conference, delivered a lot of wry commentary and useful information on the building of successful online worlds, from McDonalds roleplaying to Spider-Pig.]