- Over at CNN, there's a neat post called ' Video games' new frontier: The visually impaired' in the 'very future' Digital Biz section, and it discusses the neat use of a Wii-mote on the PC for a blind person-accessible music game.

As is explained: "A team of researchers at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab in Massachusetts set out this summer to make a music-based video game that's designed for mainstream players and also accessible to the blind. Appropriately, perhaps, they incorporated the Wiimote into the game-play, though it's optional."

The piece continues: "The resulting DJ game, designed for the PC, is called AudiOdyssey. In it, players try to lay down different tracks in a song by swinging and waving the Wiimote in time with the beats. Or they can just use keyboard controls." And yep, it's freely downloadable, which is neat - the creators had as an aim that: "The visually-impaired and the sighted can enjoy the same level and quality of gameplay." Is this true of any other rhythm games?

[Also notable - the full set of GAMBIT games done over this summer, all products of the Singapore-MIT Game Lab, look like they're both innovative and relatively interesting - everything from mobile through PC to more Wii-mote compatible titles are showcased there, with titles like Backflow and The Illogical Journey of Orez looking intriguing.]