- Over at XBLArcade.com, they're keeping us way up to date with upcoming Xbox Live Arcade shenanigans, and firstly, they echo the recent XBLA 'coming soon' announcements, including "Ecco the Dolphin, Hexic 2, and War World all coming out this month", plus "...GEON: Emotions, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, [the pictured] Space Giraffe, Streets of Rage 2, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix all arriving "in the coming weeks"."

The site has also linked to screenshots for a bunch of the titles, over at Xbox 360 Fanboy - probably one of the games that you will have seen the least of is pics of War World, developed by Australia's Third Wave Games, and a pretty interesting robot shooter.

Finally, XBLArcade points out a new ESRB rating for Screwjumper!, which may or may not be a Valusoft-published title by a small Wisconsin developer that was entered into the IGF last year, but which the team are going to some trouble to cover up now. But the Internet, she cannot erase everything! Anyhow, looking forward to Screwjumper!, 'whoever' it's by. [Ta to 1UP for previously referenced Space Giraffe pic!]