- The 'deeply cool' The Triforce, which collectively encompasses UK games scenesters Simon Byron (PR), Ste Curran (developer), and Dave 'Taurus' (journalist, last name Google-able if you care), recently posted about one of the more mishap-laden video game press trips ever - actually so semi-tragic that it turned out to be rather fun?

And there's a handy synopsis which lays it all out in black and white: "A 12-hour round trip, partly conducted in a self-hire minibus that wasn’t big enough to fit everybody, driven, apparently by the UK head of Koch, to share a £25 room in a hotel that had borrowed my grandma’s furniture and which sprung a leak at breakfast, so we could sit in a submerged gazebo on a small bit of beach on the Isle of Wight in the driving wind and rain, drinking warm lager from bins full of sea water and sand." This actually sounds great!

The trip in question, organized by Koch Media, was apparently due to the fact that the firm "...has signed a deal to make videogames based on Deal or No Deal." Oh, and there's a great reference to a previous legendary (no, not Koch) UK game journo junket: "On this particular press trip, a coach load of videogame journalists was coached to Paris, by ferry, while the event organiser travelled in the speed and comfort of the Eurostar." There are then disputed allegations of broken limbs and left-behind writers!