- The fun indie Mentisworks blog has been discussing the upcoming PC indie title Knytt Stories, which is actually due out in just 6 days, and is much awaited by fans of Nifflas' other games - abstract but almost folk-art evocative in turn - such as Knytt and Within A Deep Forest.

Michael from Mentisworks has grabbed a preview copy of Knytt Stories, and provides an interesting analysis, first noting: "The most prevalent design element which I see in all of Nifflas' games is minimalism. This does tend to come in varying degrees, but each title that he produces seems to follow the old adage of "less is more." Knytt Stories continues in this vein in all aspects as much as its predecessor, and that is in no small part a contributing factor to its success."

His conclusion? "The fewer preconceptions you can bring with you the better. Not because your expectations will not be fulfilled, but because this game is a different experience than much of your standard gaming fare. Come to Knytt Stories relaxed. Come to it as you would come to an old friend you have not seen for years, and it will treat you well. If you can manage to do all this, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed." Six days, folks.