- Game designer David Sirlin is overseeing the XBLA/PSN version of classic Capcom puzzler Super Puzzle Fighter over at Backbone Entertainment, and he's done an amazing post in his blog discussing rebalancing efforts for the upcoming remake, explaining:

"My high level goal was to change as little as possible because the original game is very well-designed and fun. I would even go as far as saying it’s the single best competitive puzzle game. That said, it does have a problem: only 2 of the 11 characters are playable in a serious match."

The designer continues: "I did not want to get into any deep changes with the underlying formulas or rules because—character balance aside—the game is very good already. So, I restricted myself to changing only three variables: 1) drop patterns, 2) damage scaling per character, and 3) the “diamond trick.”" There then follows some great detailed diagrams and specifics on how the game has been tweaked.

Ah, and some clarification in the comments from Mr. Sirlin himself: "I really should have mentioned that there are two modes: X and X’. X-mode has no balance changes at all. In X-mode, the diamond trick does the same damage it always did and all the drop patterns are untouched. This entire article was about the new X’-mode." Just in case you're a purist - an admirable move.