- We got an email from Bowen Kerins of the California Extreme organizing team (whom I remember from rec.games.pinball in about 1994, heh), and he was kind enough to both remind GSW readers that the awesome retro event is happening this weekend in San Jose, and also mention some v. interesting movies being played alongside that event:

"Hey there, I was clicking through your Cinema Pixeldiso archives and noticed reviews of "King of Kong" and of "High Score". This Saturday night, August 11, those two films along with "Chasing Ghosts" (another arcade-themed documentary) will be screened at the San Jose Marriott as part of California Extreme. Additionally, Bill Carlton (star of "High Score") will give a Q&A and play a little Missile Command."

As Kerins explains: "CA Extreme is an arcade show with 1500 attendees, playing 400+ video and pinball games set on free play all weekend. The film festival is included with admission to the show." Also, as I commented in June, the show is really, really worth going to if you like retro arcade games and pinball machines in any way and live in the Bay Area. Also, I noted back then:

"I've previously listed some of the awesome and incredibly rare titles that are brought by collectors in recent years - and AtariGames.com has posted lots of pictures from last year's turn-out for those interesting in ogling some more. And look, here's three generations bonding over the potentially arm-snapping Panic Park, yay. Basically, if you're in the Bay Area, and you love arcade/pinball machines, you can't miss this show - it simply isn't allowed."