- Now, we've already linked the Halo 3 metrics cover feature from the new issue of Wired Magazine, but there's also another major video game-related article in the October mag - Chris Baker's very readable profile of the Penny Arcade chaps.

As Baker ably and correctly points out: "Penny Arcade may be invisible to the vast majority of Americans, but it has enormous reach and influence among people who care about games — the developers who create them, the publishers who sell them, the retail wage slaves who put them on store shelves, and the gamers who buy them."

For me, the sharp and accurate tongue of Holkins makes him possibly the most potent and important taste-making columnist in the entire game world - which is why Wired is profiling him, I'm guessing! In any case, Robert Ashley also has a pictorial preview of Penny Arcade Adventures, the upcoming game from the duo and Hothead Games, over on the Wired site.

[And yes, this post is handily located in the same spatial time continuum as the Penny Arcade Expo, which Gamasutra has been covering, including write-ups of a storytelling panel with Sam & Max, Penny Arcade Adventures and Sly Cooper staffers, plus the surprise Uwe Boll appearance, roughly equivalent to introducing Frankenstein at an angry villager convemtion.]