- We actually ran this on Gamasutra yesterday, but it's highly GameSetWatch-relevant and worth amplifying here, so I thought I'd go ahead and do just that (thanks to Brandon Boyer for writing the original!):

"Australian biennial festival Next Wave has announced the return of Free Play, its day-long indie gaming conference that this year will see a keynote by Braid developer Jonathan Blow, coming August 18th to Melbourne's Australian Centre for the Moving Image [also the site of the current 'Best Of The IGF' exhibition.]

Free Play organizers say the conference caters to "independent and DIY game developers, creatively frustrated professionals, game development students, digital artists and new media academics."

Designed for "independent voices, small budget creators, and those who don’t fit the pre-packaged sales strategies," the conference provides a forum for Australia's indie developer scene to "share knowledge, showcase their work and initiate new projects."

At this year's keynote, Blow will discuss his forthcoming time-shifting platformer Braid and talk about turning an idea into a functional prototype. In addition, Interzone's Robert J Spencer will also provide a keynote on the "importance of independent games, and how they are crucial to the gaming industry as an art form."

Elsewhere, the conference will offer a number of workshops given by industry experts, including sessions on sensor driven games, games and politics, how to succeed long-term in the gaming industry, how to run an independent gaming business and a session that teaches you how to create your own game in eight easy steps. For registration information and to see the full program, visit the official Free Play 2007 website."