- Art-game site Tale Of Tales is continuing to do sterling work, and now, they've interviewed Ceremony of Innocence creator Alex Mayhew, discussing his attitude to art, games, and everything in between in a lovingly laid-out piece.

Firstly, if you're not aware of Mayhew's work: "Developed at Peter Gabriel’s Real World, Ceremony of Innocence was one of many interactive projects that embraced CD-Roms as the ultimate means of distributing rich interactive content back then. Hardly any of those projects would be called a game these days, but many of them had an aesthetic and conceptual maturity that computer games, be they mainstream or independent, are still desperately aching to achieve. In 1998, the future was within our grasp!"

And later in the interview, Mayhew discusses just what he wants to do if given the chance to work on the Wii: "Wii Play fishing shows that small gestures can be just as exciting and engaging as big gestures. I would really welcome the chance to develop for it as it sits really well with the kind of direction I would like to take things. However I would not repurpose old work for it so the question becomes void. I would want to design especially for the platform, which may mean exploring a number of movements including less delicate ones."