- For those keeping up with the 2008 Independent Games Festival, to be held at GDC next February in San Francisco, and which we help run, there's some good news for those wanting to enter web-based games and not wanting to, uh, pay. Here's the skinny from Matthew Wegner:

"Firstly, Flash game site Kongregate is running a competition where its 10 highest rated games of the year, as of September 15th 2007, will be entered into the IGF "Best Web Game" category free of charge."

"Secondly, OTEE is running a game development competition for developers using Unity, their 3D game development tool. The contest is for online games played in a web browser using the Unity Web Player. In addition to a cash award and other prizes, the five contest finalists will each be entered into the IGF's “Best Web Game” category free of charge."

Both of these announcements should help those competing for Best Web Game who release their game for free, and may have therefore balked at the $95 entry fee. (Previous winners of the category include Dad 'N Me and the pictured Samorost 2.) Matthew also reminds that the deadlines for the competition [EDIT: Produced by CMP, as is GameSetWatch, just so we're clear!] is "...October 1st for the main competition and October 15th for the student competition (just 56 and 70 days to go, respectively)."