- A bunch of people are shouting about this, but TIGSource says it best, yay: "Knytt Stories and a lunar eclipse in one night? Surely it’s a subtle sign from the Universe that this is something special."

From the official site: "Knytt Stories doesn't have a specific plot. Instead, each level is its own little adventure. A level called 'The Machine' is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet." Wow, weirder and weirder - we ran a preview of the game just 3 days ago, lest you forget.

Anyhow, Lim-Dul is already salivating on TIGSource: "Holy macaroni! This game is AWESOME! That is - all of Nifflas’ games are but this one upped the ante yet again. All the small details, the wonderful music, the smooth controls, the overall design… AND there are 9 additional worlds ready to be downloaded already!" Dominic White adds: "Isn’t it a GOOD thing that the moment you beat the game, there’s already another nine (four by Nifflas, five by his beta testers) stories waiting for you?" Indie madness!