- Over at MTV News, Stephen Totilo has published a extremely in-depth interview with Braid creator Jon Blow, which again highlights what a relatively little amount of discussion there is on the video game as a manifestation of personal artistic expression - something that is absolutely core to creative media as a whole.

I particularly appreciate Blow's support for someone else pursuing personal goals through games: "To name another indie game, “Space Giraffe” has a nice aspect of personal-ness — it becomes clear very quickly that it is what it is because that’s just what Jeff Minter wanted to do. Not because he felt such-and-such was the right way to conform to some notion of what games are, or appeal to certain demographics and sell a lot of copies. He just did what he felt like. It’s very refreshing to see that in another soon-to-be-sold-commercially game."

There's lots more good material in there, but here's the news on when we can hope to see IGF 2006 Innovation Award winner Braid in some kind of public state: "Unfortunately, I can’t give complete details about the game’s release yet. This may happen soon, but who knows. There will definitely be a PC release, and there may be a console release. The release dates depend on various business concerns that haven’t been ironed out yet. I would say, expect to be able to play the game sometime between November 2007 and February 2008."