- Randomly found via Technorati, new indie startup Intuition has made a detailed post on "...the options out there for bootstrapping a game company with no games in its portfolio."

It's now thinking that Kongregate might be the way to spool things up, but there's a great diagram laying everything out in the post, and they believe: "Based on these, we thought that the cell at coordinates [PC, Web Browser] was the best option for bootstrapping, because it's relatively easy to develop for, the cost is low, and the barrier to entry is low. The only downside is that it's risky; who knows what the sales will be, and it's not a well-established way to make a living."

The team, which also has an official website, is now working on both pitches for Adult Swim's game section, and also a pitch for a funded Kongregate Flash game, so we'll see how it all ends up for them. Apparently some of the Adult Swim pitches involved a clay dinosaur with a football helmet - and a rocket launcher - so it sounds like they are along the right lines! For, uh, insanity.