- As we reported on Gamasutra, Sony BMG has picked up NanaOn-Sha's muzika for the iPod, "...an original music visualizer game on the iTunes Store", and a very neat-looking abstract music game.

Even more neat, Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft has an in-person interview with NanaOn-Sha in Tokyo which is smart and neatly photo-illustrated. A couple of highlights: "What does he think about music and rhythm games becoming popular in America, years after they hit it big in Japan? "America's market is smart. They watched how the Japanese market went. After it decayed, they released those types of games in America. Very smart.""

Also filling me with joy for future downloadable games (and I feel like concept-heavy NaNaOn-Sha titles may work the best in the $10-$20 price range!): "Are you interested in Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network? "Both," Matsuura answers. "And the Virtual Console. I'm really interested in [email protected] We should think about connecting those very useful and great ideas for everybody into a game. Unfortunately, [email protected] is not a game. I really want to do something with it."" That's abstraction at work, folks!