- Got a neat little note from Kieran McCabe a few days back that's worth passing on: "Just saw a mention of Dare Protoplay on the frontpage and decided I'd get in touch. I was on the Republic of Ireland team (zerO.One), we made a 2D platform puzzle game called Heaven 2 Ocean wherein you controlled a drop of water by tilting the world. Also, you can turn into ice and steam."

Aha, most interesting - the game, which was one of the 12 student titles entered into the UK-centric Dare To Be Digital competition is downloadable from the website [.ZIP link], and there's also a fun, now-concluded developer blog about the experience of making Heaven 2 Ocean into some kind of reality.

Looking further into the student competition, there are even video diaries on the Dare To Be Digital site itself - each viewable and rateable per week for each of the teams entering. Blimey! Here's the text diary link, and here's the full list of winners - though I think you need to register to access the full 2007 game showcase? That's a tad annoying.