- Ah, the final set of links that are mainly, uhh, left over from last weekend, and I dearly promise, GSW readers, never to get so far behind again. At least until the next work crunch. Anyhow, here are some semi-forgotten gems:

- Indie Games Of The Month, Millenium: Presuming that most of you noticed that it was, in fact, the last ever GameTunnel Indie Game Review Panel last month - aw. Well, one of the 'guest stars' from that panel, Aquaria co-creator Derek Yu, has compiled his '50 Really Good Indie Games' list with the help of the TIGSource forums, and I like it. A lot. He explains his non-agenda well, too: "The purpose of this list is to aggregate a diverse collection of high quality independent games, and say a little about the significance of each one."

- Insert Credit Goes Shunga: My colleague Brandon Sheffield, who's senior editor on Game Developer, continues to imbue InsertCredit.com with his own personal brand of Japanese game weirdness, obscurity, and quirk, and I quite enjoyed the two recent posts pointing out extremely odd homebrew PC game 'Duel Blasters 3000', by the pseudonymous 'Jack Dark', and the secret 'Shunga' game in it, in which "...you play as a small octopus with the mouse cursor, and try to collect panties while avoiding nautilus." Oh dear.

- How Poses Affect The Feel Of Games: Derek Daniels is the former combat designer for God Of War I and II, and a 2D fighting game fanatic to boot, and he's posted an excellent mini-article on his 'Low Fierce' blog discussing how Zangief's redrawing for Street Fighter [DOUBLE EDIT: Alpha III] affects his 'menace': "Capcom used to have a really great pose with Zangief when he did his Spinning Piledriver from too far away... [in Street Fighter Alpha III] His arms are by his side and it just doesn’t seem as scary. He is also moving a whole lot slower which basically made this move suck compared to how it used to be." It's subtle, but a great point - he has videos on the link, too.

- Hammerfall Brings The Physics: The folks at Fun-Motion have been nice enough to take a detailed look at Hammerfall, "...a gorgeous work-in-progress 2D game out of Russia... Hammerfall’s gameplay is all about swinging around connected bodies. Your mouse directly controls the position of your ship; move it up and your ship flies up. Your weapon—usually a mace or sword—is attached to your ship via a hinge joint. It swings around on its own, but you soon learn to control it deliberately." They have hosted videos, too, and I'm salivating already.

Finally, some leftover randomness of various additional, shorter kinds:

- PSN List From Heaven!: I just found out NeoGAF has a great listing of all the PlayStation Network downloads worldwide, even listed by territory. Handy!

- What Gameblogs MIT Reads?: We didn't just link it cos it mentions GSW, but the MIT Press blog has a good listing of academic/alternative thinking game blogs, and, OK, we did!

- Behold The Kunkel!: Sadly, U.S. game mag Tips 'N Tricks has semi-closed down recently - or at least morphed away from having full-time editors - but I very randomly stumbled across a video of legendary mag editor Bill Kunkel showing us just what he does, over on VideoJug.com. A historical document, no less.