- Having once again accumulated too many GameSetLinks at the weekend, I'm going to blow them out 8-10 at a time until we're done, in small, but precious increments, as follows:

- Nosing Around The Fahrenheit Cage: The rather avant SelectButton has a post discussing Indigo Prophecy, aka Fahrenheit, purring: "I'm willing to look past the broken elements of a game--especially an ambitious one--to dig for an interesting experience." Some good commentary on the game (pictured above!) here.

- GameTap To Birth Daikatana, Bitchily: Former co-worker Frank points out that the GameTap forums now have a full list of upcoming titles, and lookee here for what's coming up on September 6th: John Romero's Daikatana. Robot frog alert!

- Klei Sez - Destroy Your Preconceptions!: Jamie Cheng of Klei (Eets creator!) spoke at the Indie Game Summit this year, and it's great to see he's launched a game biz blog with a clattering post about indie gaming: "I believe that there’s a huge opportunity to rethink how we develop games. By developing smarter, and destroying old preconceptions, extremely high quality games can be created with amazingly small budgets."

- Jets 'N Guns 'N Rock 'N Roll: Chris Dahlen's Save The Robot blog has a tremendously happy ode to Jets 'N Guns Gold, commenting of the Eastern European PC indie shooter: "They threw in EVERYTHING. Space pirates, viruses, aliens, wind-up mice, zombies, and beer - yeah, you have to shoot down bottles of beer - as well as every plot device in the book." [DISCLAIMER: I released the awesome chiptune-metal soundtrack to the original game for free on my net.label Monotonik.]

- Arcade Manual Heaven, Great Scott!: Jason Scott of the saintly Textfiles.com has posted something rather awesome: "If you were saying to yourself "Now, where can I browse over 1,700 arcade manuals in PDF format?", your prayers were just answered. This is over three gigabytes of manuals, schematics, and general information about arcade machines, scanned in by an anonymous army of dedicated people, and going back up to 30 years." Jason++!

- What MindCandy Did Next: After the changes at Perplex City creator MindCandy, you might be wondering what would be hotter for their investors than that? Well, WorldsInMotion spotted it: "The folks at Gizmodo tracked down [the company's] latest project: a collection of cute monsters on cell phone charms (they whirl and light up when you get a ring) who belong to the virtual world of Moshi Monsters. Each $10 pet unlocks a virtual version of itself, which users can raise and care for."

- Gauger, Eckhardt Pop Up On Destructoid: Worth mentioning because they're two of the plain weirdest editors in game blogging: sometimes Kotaku and Wired.com contributors Eliza Gauger and Florian Eckhardt (actually John Brownlee, lest we forget!) have popped up on the slightly crazed Destructoid - at least partly to plug their 'just plain weird sh*t' new venture Ectoplasmosis.com, but also to cause some surreal havoc. Post more, guys!

Oh, and two 'way-too-late' mentions to end with: you should have caught Ian Bogost on the Colbert Report, I'm hoping - and I'm still grinning about the great job he did regarding intelligent discourse in games. And the fetching tie!

We also heard about the mysterious 'Dietrich' from the Gizmondo Ferrari crash being located - but I don't think it's really Dietrich, is it, it's just the other guy from the scene? That's terribly disappointing.