- Something posted late last week to relatively little fanfare was Eric-Jon Waugh's 'Rock in His Pocket: Reading Shadow of the Colossus' - the latest in his series on our GameCareerGuide.com, which follows similar critiques for Viva Pinata and for Dead Rising, as well as an earlier look at Animal Crossing.

Waugh starts by suggesting, perhaps a little provokingly: "Paired with a more down-to-earth design team to translate his ideas (someone with a Valve mentality, perhaps) Ueda could change the world of games. But so far, he's been the master of the golden arrow. His ideas are so poignant yet so tediously executed that they create a certain cognitive dissonance in the player, inspiring not so much awe as transcendence, a deep need to puzzle over what went wrong and how to better it."

More fun still, the dangerous leprechauns at NeoGAF have been poking at the feature, group-tussle style, and I really appreciated the synopsis from Lemming_JRS: "What I took away from the article was this: SotC is a brilliant game that prevented itself from gaining a wider audience through design decisions that, while they might have served Ueda's vision, did not serve the player. Frame rate issues aside, SotC is not a game that most people, non-hardcore gamers especially, can just pick up and "get" right away. Does that make it a bad game? No. Does that prevent more people from seeing the entirety of Ueda's interesting ideas and vision? Yes." I never got into SotC, actually, and agree with the above.