- So, Turner-funded 'all you can eat' (and partly free!) subscription game service GameTap opened a San Francisco office recently, eh? It's headed by VP Ricardo Sanchez and "...a team of GameTap employees focusing primarily on licensing and content", eh?

Well, Angled Whiteboards points out that the GameTap 'Read' section is now open, and good lord, it continues the high-end ways of GameTap's aspirations, having accumulated a whole bunch of high-profile journalists from GameSpot, IGN, Ziff Davis and beyond.

Specifically, it looks like some of the most well-known editorial folks working on the site from the new San Francisco office are former GameSpot veteran Curt Feldman, working on news, and IGN's Douglass C. Perry, writing about Halo and a bunch of other titles in features, preview, and review form.

Other folks I note are also posting include Ziff veterans Dana Jongewaard and Thierry Nguyen, as well as Jon Robinson, Paul Davies, Tom Price, Giancarlo Varanini, and Jason Allen. Not sure if all of these above folks are full-time, but I know a bunch are - so this is suddenly and automatically one of the bigger-staffed editorial websites out there, and it's interesting in that it's running completely independent game news, previews, reviews and features thus far - not even referencing GameTap titles. Blimey!