- My delightful colleague Brandon Sheffield has been known to extol this person's moustache virtues over at Insert Credit, but just wanted to mention that enjoyably wacky UK journo/consultant Kevin Williams now offers his The Stringer Report arcade trade newsletter for free - and here's a couple of reasons why you should subscribe immediately, if not sooner.

Firstly, we recently covered new arcade game Target Toss Pro, and Stinger notes in his latest Report: "Seen at ASI'07 the product was in uncharted waters regarding UK let alone European acceptance. [Incredible Technologies] had been advised that the connotations of the original name 'Target Toss Pro: Bags' may have different means in the UK... The Oxford English Dictionary has ‘tosser’ – defined as a term of contempt or abuse for a person; a ‘jerk’, established in 1977, and so resident in most European obscenity-checker email blockers." HAH.

The other comment in the Report which (slightly unintentionally) made me 'lol' was the following: "The Japanese factories were also represented by SEGA Amusement Europe, with a UK production cabinet of '2 Spicy' (LindBergh Red) - looking nearly identical to the Asian original cabinet aside from stronger cash box protection."

Those polite Japanese are a lot less likely to, uhm, try to pry open arcade machines, aren't they? Anyhow, The Stinger Report (previously subscription only) is much more relevant to arcade biz types, but it's good to see arcade coverage from the trade end.