- Was flicking through Google News this morning, as many fellow journos do, I'm sure, and I saw a really interesting headline - a Reuters article saying 'Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 price to $179 in US' - look, here's a screenshot if you don't believe me.

Anyhow, as you may know, the price cut was actually for the Xbox 360's add-on HD-DVD player - and with those five free movies, too, it's actually kinda tempting. But anyhow, I just thought it was interesting that in a rush to put something up, even the mighty Reuters can goof and get the headline majorly wrong.

More interestingly, in the days of RSS, it's somewhat difficult to remove the erroneous headline from Google News, even if you can change it on your own site. (Does someone different write the headline to the actual story for some of these news agency pieces? Seem to remember something odd along those lines.)

Anyhow, the original article that the headline links to has actually been removed altogether, except for a headline that prominently notes 'CORRECTED' next to it. But there's a new article posted which fixes the headline to the somewhat more correct: 'Microsoft cuts Xbox DVD player to $179'. Hurray! But imagine if the X360 really had gone down to $179? Blimey. [Pic courtesy Reuters.]