- While I attempt to select pearls from swine across the entire gamut of gaming, Derek and his compadres at The Independent Gaming Source are still doing a formidable job for solely indie games, and there's a couple of new games they've pointed out that I'm particularly taken by.

Firstly, there's info on 'Rose And Camelia', a Japanese doujin title of some craziness - as pointed out: "What can I say about Rose and Camelia other than that it’s a girl-slapping game from the creators of La Mulana!... I love how insanely creepy and awesome your opponents get as you get further. The general theme / atmosphere of this one is spot on." Awesome.

Secondly, we have info on the decidedly different 'Real Lives', which is "...a “life simulator” that puts you in the shoes of someone, somewhere in the world. Who you are, where you’re born, and to who are based on real life statistics, as well as the random events that may happen to you." Derek adds: "The game, as simple as it is, is incredibly compelling, and very sobering. In my first game, I was quite fortunate, having been born in a middle class family in Slovakia. I died at age 61 of rheumatoid arthritis as a well-to-do police captain with three healthy daughters."

[Oh, and just to prove how buzzworthy indie gaming is getting - there's a Yahoo! article on indie games that was actually the lead story on the front page of Yahoo.com on Sunday - both tipsters and my wife spotted that one, so thanks to, uhh, both of them!]