- I believe I was somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean when this was announced, so excuse the slowness, but Keita Takahashi's new PS3 game, Nobi Nobi Boy, has been revealed, and... well, we know almost nothing about the new one from the Katamari Damacy dapper don, hurrah!

As Kotaku's [EDIT: Michael McWhertor, woops!] notes: "The game, which is loosely translated at "Stretchy Stretchy Boy" or machine translated as "Unrestricted Boy", doesn't have a release date, nor did Namco Bandai reveal the game's genre. Given Takahashi's creativity, I'm going to assume that Nobi Nobi Boy will probably not adhere to any currently known genre."

Another report on the title, which was revealed at Sony's PlayStation Premiere event, comes from GameSpot, which notes: "The game is apparently still in its early stages of development, but the audience was shown a concept video where a very long and squiggly, green caterpillar-like character wriggled around very naturally through the screen for 30 seconds. [Namco Bandai exec] Unozawa explained that Takahashi has been thinking about the Nobinobi Boy game concept for the past two years, but it couldn't have become a reality without the physics calculation capabilities of the PS3." I'm intrigued already - though I wish they'd stop flogging the 'physics only possible with the Cell!' angle just a tad.