- You may remember that I mentioned I'd helped pick some worthy indie titles for Kotaku's new concept, Game Club, where yep, in-depth group discussion of intriguing games are made, and Brian Crecente is indeed Oprah. Anyhow, the first Game Club Beta has been announced, and it's for Moonpod's excellent indie title Mr. Robot.

There are actually a series of posts on Kotaku going through what's happening - as is explained: "The Game Club is going to be conducted via the Internets, meaning, sadly, we won't all be meeting in Fahey's living room over coffee and crumpets to discuss the latest Game Club game. Instead, we will be meeting both on Kotaku and in our Campfire room, which is sorta like a giant chat room." There will then be a complex series of tubes and some liveblogging going on, apparently - first meeting to be next Thursday.

Oh, and there's also a good bonus: "If you do decide to join in the club [and buy the game], use the discount code: gameclub for a 40 percent discount. Make sure to enter the code in the bottom right field of the first screen." I almost think that's more of a discount than the Moonpod folks needed to offer, but hey, whatever works!

What is great about this (from my point of view) is that we're seeing indie titles included in large-scale game website discussion without the typical 'but look, the indie scene!' disclaimer - this is parity at work. And Moonpod sell a heap of copies of their title, I hope. Of course, until GameSpot, IGN, and 1UP set up indie sections or at least start reviewing games like Mr. Robot alongside their other titles, I won't be happy, but this is a tremendous step in the right direction. Kudos, Kotaku.