- Nope, not the classic David Crane co-designed game that preceded The Sims - rather, it's The New Gamer checking out Anthony Rother's chiptune/electro EP called 'Little Computer People - The Remixes', and it's notable because of the retro computer visual content on the disc - which they've handily put up on YouTube.

As G.Turner notes of what's exciting: "It's definitely not the videos that come with the package, as they're slightly hokey (as you can see below – especially the Rother remix, although it's one of the better executed 'video remixes' I've seen). No, what I appreciate more than [this] is the Commodore 64-specific demo included on the disc."

Mm? "The demo is based on chiptune artisan Tero's contribution, the aptly named 'Tero's C64 Remix', and it serves mostly as a self-promotional piece for Rother's Psi49Net label, flashing the latest catalogue titles [YouTube link] and contact details to Tero's beat. And while the scaled and rotated pixel art that accompanies it is mildly pointless, it's still a much more imaginative effort than just slapping a few flyers and stickers into the CD case!"

[Oh, and this new 'Chiptunesday' effort by The New Gamer, which promises to "...take a look at a piece of music that's derived at least portions of its sound from video games" every Tuesday, has also covered the Game Boy-composed Klangstabil EP called 'Sprite Storage Format'. Neat.]