- Last year, we covered the Canadian collective called Kokoromi, which put on a neat experimental gamefest during the Montreal Game Summit last year - the games are viewable and mainly downloadable at their GAMMA page.

Anyhow, my esteemed CMP Game Group co-worker Jane Pinckard has pointed out, on her Game Girl Advance weblog, that Kokoromi is profiled in This Magazine this month - it's noted in the piece: "Interested participants are mostly people who work for the big developers but crave a more creative outlet. The group aims to help people develop their talents outside the nine-to-five world."

And, as Jane explains: "What I love about Kokoromi is that they explore the notion that games can be used to make art - that they are a medium for self-expression; and by that I don't mean projects like the excellent iam8bit, in which games are evoked in the service of more traditional visual arts; I mean that the gameplay itself is treated as a potential artform - that interactivity is key to the experience." Indeed - wonder if there's something coming up for Montreal this year? [UPDATE: Kokoromi's 'Fish' says in the comments: "gamma256 coming late November! details coming soon."]