- Those wacky folks at Grand Text Auto have been discussing the narrative in Indigo Prophecy, talking rather cogently about "...the relationship between gameplay and story" - there's also a second post with even more considered discussion and feedback on narrative.

Noah Wardrip-Fruin talks about David Cage's ideas in creating the intriguingly cult title: "Cage’s goals might be considered a less-risky version of the “interactive drama” vision that guides Façade: the gameplay can change the story in significant ways, but the system ensures the story retains an essential shape and pacing. In other words, the story becomes playable, rather than something that happens between moments of play."

And the end of the second post, he suggests: "The designers may want to create a moody, mysterious experience; a chaotic, free-for-all experience; an open, exploratory experience; or a tense, action-packed experience. In any case, what the game makes playable should be the elements that contribute to such an experience. The opening of Indigo Prophecy was largely like this. I await the story-focused game that continues as strongly as IP started." Thoughts?