So, following the first in the series in which, rather than quizzing EA about Spielberg's latest (pah, breaking news!), we wander around some British video game stores taking pictures of obscure games, we're getting on with some more randomness, as follows:

In the States, it's still incredibly hard to find a Nintendo Wii in stock, and I sense it's been the same in England until very recently, because I saw several signs at stores here in London triumphantly proclaiming that the Wii was available again - this one outside an HMV. Nintendo's worldwide success continues, then.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe continues to do an amazing job of making European punters happy with casual-focused games, firstly with the EyeToy titles, and more recently, the Singstar karaoke series. Singstar finally made it to the States recently, and the Buzz! quiz/mini-game series is another set of games that SCEA is being slow to pick up on. Here's a recent one, Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam, kiddie-focused and doing a great casual-spanning job.

Yet more SCEE bounty, this time a series of city guides for the PSP - a really cool idea which again targets the casual. Is it my imagination, or does SCEE understand the concept of the wider market so much better than the other Sony divisions? Or is there just something different with the U.S. market that makes it less willing or able to 'get' concepts like Buzz!, Singstar, and these guides?

Anyhow, stay tuned for a couple more in this series, including a look at Touch Generations' advertising in the UK and a UMD title that you'll never ever see outside of Europe. Fun!