Well, not sure if you would consider all of these games and sights to be gems, but the dedicated video game aficianado knows that there are some European-only games, covers, and oddities that you won't see in North America - so here, in three variably interesting installments, are some of the things I ran into in South London today:

It's pretty unlikely that Little Britain: The Game will ever come out in the States - and, in fact, it's got absolutely terrible reviews - but the actual TV show that it's based on can be scabrously funny at times.

Here's another one that hasn't made it to the U.S. - and might not ever. The game has had an interesting history, too, originally being made as the last title from Core Design before Rebellion bought the assets and the developer. Eurogamer don't think it's very good though, also lecturing on the differences between free running and parkour.

We'll look at a whole rack of magazines later, but it's interesting to note that Future's Official PlayStation 3 Magazine actually has a packed-in Blu-Ray disc in the UK - pretty surprising if youre used to the Yank game market, given that the U.S. Official PlayStation Magazine has closed down. Demos on the disc include Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ridge Racer 7, and Motorstorm - so nothing too exciting, esp. compared to digitally downloadable versions.

The Game Boy Advance version of The Behemoth's IGF award-winning Alien Hominid, developed by Tuna Technologies, has only been released in Europe and Australia. Oh, hey, and the Sensible Software veteran Stoo Cambridge worked on the conversion, too - neat. That's all for now - more randomness soon.