- Oop, this week has been hectic and I'm missing all kinds of chances to link other good stuff on Gamasutra, and Worlds In Motion, and Games On Deck, and all the other CMP Game Group sites, but here's one I wanted to do quickly - the interview with Prince Of Persia creator Jordan Mechner that we ran today on Gamasutra.

Mechner is quite fully immersed in Hollywood now, working on a Prince Of Persia movie with Jerry Bruckheimer, and he has some really interesting views on writing: "I think writing is really more of a collaborative effort, too, than what people get credit for, especially in Hollywood. The bigger question is: what is the story? What's the world of the movie, or the game? The writer's most important job -- more important than writing and choosing words and scene description -- is to provide the vision of what the thing is. It's a rare project in video games where the writer is the person who provides that vision of what this game is: why is this going to be fun to play? What's the player's experience going to be? What's the universe?"

He adds: "I think on games, the writer's role on a particular project can really vary from being almost like the old silent film writers. In silent films, they thought the writer's job was to write the words that go on the title cards. The job of actually deciding what happens in the movie was not done by the writer. It was done by the director, or the actors." So what - game writers are the Keystone Kops?