- Now this is worth picking out of the E3 insanity - N'Gai Croal has the scoop that Jon Mak's IGF multi-award winning Everyday Shooter has been picked up by Sony for the PlayStation 3, and a Playstation Network release later in 2007.

Croal also has an email interview with Mak which is plenty of fun - hardly hyping PS3's tech on its own terms, for one: "The technology in EveryDay Shooter is old. The collision systems are based on algorithms from the 90s, and the graphics/sound technology is based on techniques from years ago. But those technologies/techniques are still incredibly powerful/expressive!"

Anyhow, it's probably not an understatement to say that the Independent Games Festival is one of the reasons why Everyday Shooter became relatively well-known, and I've chatted to Jon quite a bit about the game and his game making, so it's wonderful to see it picked up for a big stage. 1080p and widescreen, to boot!

[Oh, and also IGF-related - Australian newspaper The Age did an IGF-related article recently, coinciding with the ACMI show, and while I'm not sure the writer is totally on board with today's admittedly hardcore-ish indie scene, he's reassuringly Kent Brockman-like - 'This reporter remembers when...' etc, and that's pretty fun.]