- Really enjoy the pointed posts on Dan Amrich (ex-GamePro, current Official Xbox Magazine)'s Bunnyears.net blog, and the latest discusses The Escapist's recent game journalism issue, which I also found a little enduringly whiny in some parts - though overall thought-provoking, which can only be a good thing?.

It discusses the ever-sharp of tongue Penny Arcade savaging a GamesRadar review, a review assigned by Amrich, who suggests: "If there’s one problem out there I don’t feel I can fix, it’s the audience misinterpreting the nature of the medium. Reviews are not telling you what to think; they’re giving you what you need to think for yourself. It’s why city buses don’t run the Indy 500, folks: They were built for an extremely different purpose."

And how did Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik make his grievous error? "By his own admission, Mike hasn’t built up that relationship with any reviewer or outlet, let alone GamesRadar or Cameron as an individual writer…and he’s not reading the review for consumer purchasing “buy/no buy” advice. He’s reading the review for personal validation. He already bought the game; the review he read after buying it isn’t something he agrees with, so it’s wrong." By jove, I think the cove has a point! Or does he?