- Over at the Kevin Smith-funded pop culture site Quick Stop Entertainment, I spotted a fun interview with Adam De La Pena discussing his G4 animated series Code Monkeys, as previously discussed on GSW.

Actually, that last GameSetWatch post even provoked a comment from Schadenfreude Interactive's Karsden, who insisted: "Note to Hollywood: We at Schadenfreude Interactive would like to get our own television show. I would like to be played by Rutger Hauer, although he is perhaps a little old." Which is possibly funnier than the interview, but not to derail things too badly...

Anyhow, I haven't watched Code Monkeys, and the Gamasutra piece on it saw our own Jane Pinckard highly not impressed with the promotion blurb, but De La Pena does at least seem like a game geek in the piece, which is endearing:

"Dave Jaffe couldn’t have been nicer. Dave literally said, “Oh, I think I have time on Saturday…I don’t know if I can do it Saturday…” The last e-mail he sent me was, “I think I’ll be in town on Saturday.” I was just working on Saturday with my friend and he just shows up and says, “Want to record now?” Uh, yeah, great, thanks for coming…Steve Wozniak was relatively easy, the Red Vs. Blue guys…they’ve been great. I mean, we’re going to have a lot of other guest stars but those are the real guest stars for us. We’re more about going after the video game designers than we are going after Molly Ringwald." Can anyone report on the quality of the show?