x.jpg We've previously covered the music releases of Jason 'Xoc' Cox, who was responsible for the insanely good 'SMW' cover album for Super Mario World, and Alistair Wallis mailed me to update on several of Cox's neat new projects:

Wallis explains: "Firstly, there's Cinema 80's: Music From Nintendo Games Based On 80's Movies, which he says is made up of stuff that's been around for a while, including some of his very first game covers. It's pretty general Xoc style stuff - I must admit, I'm only really familiar with the Goonies 2 material, but it all sounds pretty cool to me."

And what else? "The weirdest thing is the NESTER BABIES stuff that he's posted. He posted one track that sounds very much the same a while ago called Sorboiramrepus, which was him doing the Mario theme backwards and with the pitch shifted waaaay up. This is 15 tracks of that. The Rush'N'Attack one, in particular, is...great? I don't know. Still, it's pretty inventive."

Wait, there's more? "He's also been doing heaps of stuff for a project called Hemostat... [which is] hard core noise. The one recorded at Disney World is very, very cool. Oh yeah, and there's a new Xoc and Heavy Friends EP on Megatwerp. Vaguely game related. There's a bit of spoken word about Gradius, of all things, and a few 8-bit sounds. It's fun." This is pretty much all awesome game music craziness.