- The blog Error Macro has been, for a fair few months now, one of the neater daily-summarized game link blogs around. But unfortunately, the author has decided to give his intensive RSS-ing a rest, as he explains in Part 1 of his 'Guide To Video Game News Sites', his parting present to his readers.

He explains as follows: "Since January of 2006, I've been sifting through a selection of about 40 game news websites each day, five days a week, sorting the crap from the only-kind-of-crap and posting the results in what I hoped was some kind of helpful, condensed form... In the next few articles I'll lay out all the sites I've used for Error Macro, and hopefully you'll find some combination that works for you without having to check 15 different places every day."

The already-mentioned first post looks at 'the heavyweights', from 'Mommy & Daddy' GameSpot and IGN through 'The Boys' of Joystiq and Kotaku and 'The Weird Uncle' of 1UP, also mentioning our sister site Gamasutra along the way. The second post "...includes lesser known and slightly more specialized sites, as well as the guys who do nothing but point to everybody else", and finally, the third post "...pick[s] up on little side stories and commentary on smaller sites."

Don't know if it's fair for me to say that 'Ermac' at Error Macro is 'right', since he says somewhat nice things about the sites that I help run. But I think he's spent a long time looking at each news source, and I agree with just about everything he says. I particularly like it that he has trouble 'encapsulating' GameSetWatch: "Like Insert Credit, it's a lot of off-the-beaten-path type content, with a focus on the industry and game design instead of weird Japanese crap. If you like Gamasutra, you'll probably like this. That's the best summary I can come up with." Yep, we're impossible to describe - that's our main selling point!