x.jpg The recent New York State legislation which threatens "to make the sale or rental of games with mature themes to minors a felony, punishable with time in jail" is another unfortunate piece of state-based interference, and it's great to see the Bala brothers of the Activision-owned Vicarious Visions tackling it head-on, in a new editorial posted in the Albany Times Union.

They explain: "As the co-founders and managers of Vicarious Visions, a local video game development studio, we are deeply troubled by the prospect of New York enacting legislation that would treat video games differently from other protected, creative expression. Just like movies, books, photographs, music and other forms of art and entertainment, video games are fully protected speech under the U.S. Constitution."

Overall, they note: "Given New York's pressing economic needs, it can ill afford to spend money enacting and then having to defend this proposal... Today, we have 148 full-time and 30 part-time employees, and are continuing to expand. We have worked hard to keep strong, creative "home grown" talent here in New York, rather than having them leave for places like California and Florida that are aggressively pursuing game development and production." In other words, it's disappointing to have your home State doing this when you're one of the standard-bearers for game development in the area - more public statements like these, please.