x.jpg The Shifted Librarian's Jenny Levine is probably the key advocate for public libraries using video games, and she's summed up recent interviews/discussions on her blog - including a new Escapist piece called 'Dewey Decimals And Dance Dance Revolution' which sums up the movement nicely.

Citing from the piece: "According to [gaming librarian Eli Neiburger], "One kid told us videogames are gateway drugs for libraries." Now he gives presentations and holds sample tournaments for librarians across the country. He's one of about a dozen crusaders who see videogames as a way of attracting kids, especially teenagers, to the library."

Also revealed, a documentary called 'If You're Not Gaming, You're Losing' - linked in multiple parts from that link - it's created by a Dutch library chain called DOK, which "...is on a mission to become the world´s most modern library", and created the piece to help explain why games are part of the public knowledge-base in a similar way to, say, books. Though with more cow-throwing.