x.jpg UK games and tech journo Richard Cobbett has posted to his blog pointing out some new self-penned goodness: "Time for a new addition to the Article Library - the Cirque du Strange (aka The 50 Weirdest Moments In PC Gaming). I actually wrote this one [for PC Gamer UK] about a year ago... and now it’s online, containing such stories as the time Lara Croft met a SWAT team in real life, the Unrighteous Bible of the gaming world, the naughtiest tattoo ever, some of the weirdest names in gaming, and a couple of its lamest puzzles."

A couple of highlights, perhaps: "There’s a big market for glitched Bibles, such as the Unrighteous Bible of 1653, which asked ‘Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the Earth’. Not a million miles from the Caesar III manual, which on page 210 described the Medium Statue you can buy for your city as ‘Administration; Prosperity rating up to 75%.what the hell is this shit”. And you thought it was only you that got confused."

Also, and I think this write-up is phrased better than the actual event: "One of the many beautiful moments in Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines - picking the insane Malkavian clan for your character completely changes the game’s dialogue into a mix of psychotic dementia and lucid insight far beyond the other possible character choices. It even afflicts your pet ghoul, a college girl called Heather, who takes to your blood like the finest drug, until the two of you are nattering like true psychotics, and the world is that much crazier."