x.jpg Just posted at sister site Gamasutra today, an intriguing interview with Austin-based indie DS developers Renegade Kid, which has just signed to publisher Gamecock with a very interesting-looking 3D survival horror game, Dementium: The Ward.

It really does seem like they're doing neat things with the hardware, as co-founder Jools Watsham (obviously adept with the ol' assembly language from old school days!) explains: "One thing that is really interesting are the dynamic lights, which fade off into and out of certain areas, particularly with the flashlight, which offers a great contrast. There is also this idea of fog, which adds a degree of atmosphere. We have some nice moody lights in there as well. Talking about the flashlight, we were amazed when we got that working... you can really light up enemy characters. It's all dynamic."

Watsham's comments also show handsomely how the rise of the DS helps the rise of the indie developer (albeit a higher-end indie developer than just a 'bedroom programmer', perhaps): "Generally speaking, the average DS game can be created by a team of 4 to 8 people. This of course depends on your timeline for the game, or how ambitious it is... We have 3 core staff and 5 outsourced. The thing to remember is that those outsourced members didn't come on until about half way or third of the way into the project."