- At his Game Tycoon blog, Xbox Live Arcade portfolio planner David Edery has been discussing the idea of 'demographic advocates', asking if "...video game publishers might be well served by having an internal advocate for different demographic groups."

Edery explains: "The idea came to mind when I was thinking about Marble Blast Ultra, one of our XBLA games. I have heard it said on more than one occasion that “if Marble Blast Ultra included a sandbox mode in which there were no penalties, no timers, etc, it would be a perfect kid’s game.” Conversely, when playing Pokemon Diamond, I’ve often thought 'if only there were a way to speed up the rather slow and repetitive feeling of battles (among other related issues), this game might have some chance of appealing to more adults.'"

He also makes suggestions on how other ethnic and gender groups can be better served, explaining: "Theoretically, the marketing arm of a publisher would be responsible for these observations. But it seems to me that, while this kind of thinking does take place in the industry, it does so sporadically. I think we’re a mature enough industry to justify a more consistent approach. When relatively minor changes or additions to a game could result in a significantly larger target market, to be anything less than vigilant seems wasteful." Thoughts?