x.jpg One of the things I've starting to find, just posting 5 times per day on GameSetWatch in my 'leisure time', is that other eager blogs are hours ahead on some of the fun stuff I want to post.

But oh well - I'm presuming you guys come here for the 'quality', not the 'quantity', so I'll spit it out anyhow - a new Microsoft PR reveals: "Our friends at Rooster Teeth have put together their own informational video and support line for “Shadowrun,” which can be seen at Shadowrun.com, Xbox Live Marketplace, Xbox.com and http://www.1-800-MAGIC.com/

That's right, the folks who created Red Vs. Blue are back, and I have to say that their other promotional machinima series (for The Sims 2 and F.E.A.R. respectively) have been pretty darn great, but not that buzzed about outside their (gigantic and rather neat) community. So I'll be interested to see how this one - which starts with an awesome tech support problem with a jammed gun - goes down.

Looks like Rooster Teeth's page for the series is down right now [4pm PST], but you can check it out on Shadowrun.com, which has some kind of age entry attached to it, or - and possibly easier - embedded in this Kotaku post. Like Mega64, this feels natural to me, even when tangentially advertising a product - so let's have more advertising like it.