- Over at The Escapist, there's a new interview with Games For Windows' EIC Jeff Green, every inch the elder stateman of the print journalism community. I found it particularly interesting after my recent ruminations on impartiality and journalism, since I referenced Green's impressively extreme independence to criticize Windows Live, despite GFW being an 'official' Microsoft publication.

Green too references this v.tricky balancing act, noting with a hint of terror: "The actual name of the magazine has still not exactly gotten much easier to say without cringing somewhat, and that has not been helped by the less-than-stellar rollout of the entire GFW platform so far, but, hey, far be it from me to bite the hands that feed! I love you, Microsoft! Seriously, they've put up with a lot of grief with us so far, and I am grateful so far that they have kept their word with us about "editorial independence." I haven't even gotten a call yet about my last column."

Plus, I think Green's sharp words for game websites are entirely on the money: "I'd say take a little more time to edit and proofread your articles. I just read some truly embarrassing stuff today, from one of the more supposedly "professional" sites. I mean, we're talking basic grammar here. Don't swallow every goddamn little crumb of hype that the game companies toss to us, like fish to seals, and post it as if it was some revelatory big scoop. Exercise more critical judgment."

Well, you know what, Jeff? Some game websites are so unprofessional that they might run a picture of unrelated race driver Jeff Green instead of you. How's that for critical judgment? Huh? Huh? (We kid, he's entirely correct. And he's rude about game mags just after puncturing the pride of game websites, so don't fret!)

Anyhow, it's a great interview, despite using a vaguely tongue-in-cheek hyperbolic quote for the title ("Game Magazines Have Sucked for Forever"). Thanks to QT3 for pointing it out - they have a decent thread on the whole discussion, also. Oh, and I believe this is The Escapist's news-specific RSS feed, if anyone is looking for it.