- So, I've been playing some more of the absolutely marvellous Pac-Man Championship Edition, which is possibly my favorite classic arcade remake ever, thanks to some really well thought-out extra maps and modes and cleverly enhanced art.

Anyhow, I ventured onto the leaderboard to find out that a gamer named 'Cosin45' had scored 619,790 in the 'main' mode that the Pac-Man World Champion was decided on, way above the 420,000-ish for the other contenders. Odd - so I checked out the guy's profile, and his description, it turns out, is 'UnintendedCEScorByBug'. Aww.

So it turns out that Japanese X360-owning Cosin45 must have accidentally triggered a bug that whacked his score up really high (though he's obviously a good player too - he's got 200/200 Achievement points for the title). Looking around, there's a thread on the Twin Galaxies forums discussing this exact piece of cuteness - and poster PERodgers2003 also spotted: "Yesterday, it read something to the effect that he achieved that score on the Extra 3 mode. I hope MS can remove that score without clearing the entire leaderboard!" I know some Microsoft folks read GSW - any chance of tweaking the bugged-up score, btw?

I just thought this was a great study in how nice/polite most gamers actually are, as well as communication by unexpected means. Cosin45 correctly guessed that most people would be checking his profile because of the Pac-Man CE high score, and gave them updates on it by switching out his description text multiple times. Neat.

[And while you're reading, Zotmeister has a lengthy description of why Pac-Man CE rocks on the Twin Galaxies forum, starting: "It is to the original Pac-Man what the Tetris the Grand Master series is to the early Tetris games", and going into plenty more detail about the nuances of the switched-up, almost delicate, still high score-centric gameplay.]