x.jpg Not quite sure how this one made it onto the Internet in such a roundabout way, but XBLArcade points to information on Natsume-developed XBLA shooter Omega Five, which has a bunch of screenshots available over at French site Xbox Gazette.

As XBLArcade notes of the Xbox 360 downloadable title, allegedly due later this year: "It seems to be a side-scrolling 2D style shooter but with 3D elements. Machine translation of the page is pretty rough, but apparently the hook of the game will be enemies emerging from the 3D background and not just from the top and bottom of the screen like most side-scrolling shooters." Looks like it's being published by Hudson, who are shortly bringing us Bomberman Live, of course.

Over at the ever-hardcore Shmups forum, they've greeted the title with mild interest, with Necronom lamenting: "I must say I'm dissapointed with XBLA lately. Minter's Space Giraffe and the next Mutant Storm are cool and all but still no word about Ikaruga, Raiden IV or a new Geometry Wars. At the same time PSN gets stuff like R-Type Delta and Super Stardust HD - definitely less titles but the ones that are available are high quality stuff already."

[At this point, I got confused about the R-Type Delta reference, and then found out it's available on the Japanese PSN store for download to the PS3/PSP, though you have to go through all kinds of complex machinations to get a valid credit-card payment system/address to buy things from it. C'mon, Sony, get your Western store updated with some more interesting games like R-Type Delta!]