x.jpg This has been floating around for a little while, but since they've now published their first update, thought it might be time to look further at MMOGData.com, a new website for tracked subscriber info on the MMO market, set up by ex-Codemasters Online exec Phil 'Vortal' White in the UK.

As Phil says: "Lots of people have used the awesome www.mmogchart.com for information on the MMOG market which was created and maintained by SirBruce for many years, however since 2006 SirBruce has not updated the site. I thought this was a great shame and I have tried to contact SirBruce many times over the last 2 months... but just could not get hold of [him] so I have decided to create a new site and continue his work."

I've had the same problem with SirBruce, unfortunately, who is a bit of a flighty chap - still hoping to do some work with this data for Game Developer Research, but the 'ownership' is even more confusing now. But hey, it's been dug out and there's been an attempt made to augment it, and whoa look at World Of Warcraft go! - which continues to be the main message! [Via Zenke, Koster.]