x.jpg OK, so it's not actually Super Soviet Missile Mastar, but Wired has an awesome article/gallery up called 'Soviet-Era Arcade Games Crawl Out of Their Cold War Graves', in which they reveal: "From the late '70s to the early '90s, Soviet military factories produced some 70 different video game models. Based largely (and crudely) on early Japanese designs, the games were distributed -- in the words of one military manual -- for the purposes of "entertainment and active leisure, as well as the development of visual-estimation abilities.""

And so? "Production of the games ceased with the collapse of communism, and as Nintendo consoles and PCs flooded the former Soviet states, the old arcade games were either destroyed or disappeared into warehouses and basements. It was mostly out of nostalgia that four friends at Moscow State Technical University began scouring the country to rescue these old games. So far they have located 32 of them and are doing their best to bring them back to life. "

Of course, it's the gallery of the extensive, largely previously unseen collection which is the hyper-awesome part of the article - there are games like Konek-Gorbunok, apparently "...the Soviet Zelda, full of castles, princesses and deep dark forests" - and my God, some of the arcade machines look so amazingly retro, I just may explode.