x.jpg Raigan and Mare from Metanet Software, creators of the IGF Audience Award-winning (and pictured) N, are some of the more interesting and sometimes outspoken indie creators around - check out Jim Munroe's 'Freeware Rebellion' mini-doc starring the duo if you want to know more - the N community is spectacularly large nowadays.

So, it's recently been revealed that N+ is coming to Xbox Live Arcade (with help from Eets creators Klei) and DS/PSP (via Atari and Silverbirch Studios) - and now Metanet has started an official blog to discuss their next game, the 'mysterious' Robotology.

There are two posts explaining 'the story thus far', in which it's explained that: "The high-level direction for the game was “Umihara Kawase + parkour”, in a world where the environment was not just static platforms, but moving, mechanized, segmented “robots”." There's even an old prototype shown - but apparently, the game has changed massively since then. Really looking forward to what's spat out of the Metanet maw.

[Also well worth reading on the Metablog - a somewhat spectacular rant about casual games: "This is an industry which openly acknowledges the fact that requiring the player to grasp the concept of right-clicking will alienate the majority of users. Is catering to such a market charitable, or is it exploitative?... Just because there’s money in it doesn’t mean that it’s morally or ethically right. If we continue to pander to the barely-game-literate, how will they ever become more literate?"]