x.jpg Aha, it's another note from cartoonist, musician, and definite cult figure James Kochalka, with some game-related content in it: "The new Kochalka Podcast is up, and it's so epic we had to break it into two giant parts (see below). This might be of special interest to you for one special reason... The podcast theme song was recorded by having the James Kochalka Superstar band jam live on top of me playing Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS." Yep, pretty nonsensical, but there's definitely some Electro-twinkling going on!

"Both Kochalka Podcast #2 Part One and Kochalka Podcast #2 Part Two begin with different versions of this Electroplankton themed theme song. I like to combine my interest in video games with my interests in art and comics and music as much as possible... I'll attach a Electroplankton drawing I did back when the game first came out."

And so he did - click on the pic in top left for the big, cute version. Not denying this is all over the place, but I think it's nice to see people who aren't just game designers (Kochalka's extremely deranged song "Hockey Monkey", "...recorded with the band The Zambonis, is the theme song for the Fox TV series The Loop", Wikipedia reminds us) getting excited about games.